Study volunteers

The Centre for Dermatology Research is involved in a variety of research projects that include investigations and clinical trials of treatments for:

  • Psoriasis 
  • Eczema 
  • Acne 
  • Photodamaged skin (which includes wrinkles and basal cell carcinomas) 
  • Photosensitive conditions 

We also require healthy people to volunteer for basic skin studies. These individuals must have healthy skin with no underlying disease or disorder (for example, eczema or psoriasis) and be generally in good health.

Patients and volunteers

In view of the time, travelling and inconvenience involved in taking part in studies, patients and volunteers may receive an amount as reimbursement.

Payments made to healthy volunteers depend upon the rigours of the study and can vary from around £10 for simple questionaires to over £100 for complex studies that involve clinical procedures (e.g. biopsies). 

Ongoing studies

  • Healthy volunteers aged 55yrs+ required
    The group is looking for healthy volunteers to take part in a skin ageing study.  For more information please visit our Skin Research website.
    Volunteers will be reimbursed for their time and inconvenience.
    For further information please contact:
    +44 (0)161 206 1043
  • Nutritional studies
    The group is looking for healthy volunteers aged 18-60 to take part in a study investigating how omega-3 fatty acids can protect against sunburn:
  • Wound healing study
    The group is looking for healthy volunteers (age 16 years and over, with no previous history of keloid scarring) for a study to investigate how skin wound healing can be enhanced by painless electrical stimulation.
  • Sun exposure - vitamin D and DNA
    We are looking for healthy volunteers (aged 18-45 with no previous history of skin cancer and NOT currently taking vitamin D or antioxidant supplements) to participate in a study looking at the effects of sun exposure on DNA damage and vitamin D status. We are looking at all skin types, but are very interested in recruiting people from Mediterranean, Asian, Afro-Caribbean and mixed race backgrounds. 
  • Psoriasis Clinical Trials
    The group are always looking for people with moderate-severe psoriasis to take part in trials to test new treatments. For further information on our clinical trials please visit the Skin Research website.
  • Psoriasis Academic Studies
    Volunteers with psoriasis are required for studies to increase our understanding of the condition. For further information on our psoriasis research please visit the Skin Research website.