Photobiology and nutrition

The Manchester Photobiology Unit was established in 2000 with the appointment of Prof Lesley Rhodes. Our research activity involves the beneficial and hazardous effects of sunlight exposure on the skin. This encompasses particular interests in dietary and other systemic photoprotection, the risk-benefits of vitamin D production, mechanistic aspects of phototherapy and photodynamic therapy and the photopathogenesis of the photodermatoses.

Principal investigators and collaborators

Name Job title Email address
Professor Lesley Rhodes Professor of Experimental Dermatology
Professor Adele Green Professor of Epidemiology
Professor Ann Webb Associate Dean, Graduate Education
Dr Jackie Berry Senior Research Fellow (Endocrine Sciences)
Dr Mark Farrar Research Fellow
Professor Andrew Vail
Professor of Clinical Biostatistics
Dr Rachel Watson Non-Clinical Senior Lecturer
Dr Mark Dickinson Reader
Mrs Ann Haylett Honorary Lecturer
Dr Donald Allan Honorary Lecturer - Medical Physicist
Dr Cath O'Neill Senior Lecturer in Clinical Biochemistry catherine.o'