Connective tissue and ageing

Skin ageing is the composite of two, simultaneously occurring, processes. All tissues age as a result of the passage of time, a process known as intrinsic ageing. In addition is the effect of our environment, or extrinsic ageing. In skin, while intrinsic ageing is subtle, showing fine wrinkles after the age of approximately 70 years, extrinsic changes are more profound and result in deep wrinkles and profound loss of elasticity.

Of particular interst are the changes observed in the elastic fibre networks in both intrinsically and extrinsically aged human skin. We are employing biochemical and microscopical techniques to further characterise alterations in the elastic fibre component of the dermal extracellular matrix, and the underlying mechanism, in aged and photoaged skin.

Principal investigators and collaborators

Name Job title Email address
Professor Christopher Griffiths

Professor of Dermatology
Professor Ariane Herrick Professor of Rheumatology
Dr Rachel Watson Non-Clinical Senior Lecturer
Dr Andrea Murray Arthritis Research UK Career Development Research Fellow
Dr Michael Sherratt Lecturer