Brain-skin axis

Within the Institute of Inflammation and Repair, the Brain-skin axis Unit is world leading in furthering an understanding of how skin disease produce stress e.g. the psychosocial disability consequent on psoriasis; and how stressful life events may trigger and/or exacerbate inflammatory skin disease.

The Unit is funded by the Medical Research Council, Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Alliance and Industry.

Principal investigators and collaborators

Name Job title Email address
Professor Christopher Griffiths Professor of Dermatology
Dr Christine Bundy Senior Lecturer in Behavioural Medicine /Health Psychology
Dr Elise Kleyn  Senior Clinical Lecturer
Professor Ralf Paus Professor of Cutaneous Medicine
Dr Rebecca Dearman Research Fellow (Faculty of Life Sciences)
Professor Ian Kimber Professor of Toxicology (Faculty of Life Sciences)
Professor Giorgio Terenghi Professor of Tissue Engineering
Professor Ian Anderson Professor of Psychiatry
Professor Bill Deakin Professor of Psychiatry and Director of Neuroscience and Psychiatry Unit
Dr Rebecca Elliott Senior Research Fellow in Cognitive Neuroscience
Dr Shane McKie Research Fellow
Professor Daniella Montaldi Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience