Within the Centre for Dermatology, research practice is truly from bench-to-bedside with basic molecular and cellular research of the highest calibre. Some researchers specialise at the organ or tissue level; others translate such laboratory-based studies to patient care, while others consider the effects of interventions on populations rather than on individuals. This wealth of research is conducted with clinicians and scientists often working in tandem to maximise the efficacy of their efforts. With an emphasis on first-rate research, the Group seeks to produce the best of the next generation of medical researchers.

Postgraduate research

Our postgraduate research programmes (MPhil, MD and PhD) aim to develop and support the highest quality translational medical research, from basic science to applied clinical investigation. All postgraduate research students attend core graduate skills training programmes to allow them to maximise their research potential.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to identify and contact a suitable academic supervisor for their study prior to applying formally for the degree. In many instances, specific projects will be advertised directly linked to an academic member of staff. Once a suitable academic has been found, candidates should email them expressing their interest in postgraduate study, providing an up-to-date CV and brief outline of their study proposal. This will be assessed for its academic merit and achievability within the degree timeframe. If agreed in principle, candidates should then apply formally online for the degree following the procedures on the Faculty website. If you require help identifying a suitable academic supervisor please contact the Faculty Graduate School directly and they will be able to assist.

Postgraduate taught: relevant courses

Further information

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