PhDs at CPWS

If you are interested in workforce research and pursuing post graduate training to postgraduate research level (PhD, MPhil or Masters), please get in touch with the Director of the CPWS: Professor Ellen Schafheutle. We can also put you in touch with one of the PhD students already here, if your enquiry is more informal. Please do not hesitate to contact us

Drug Usage and Pharmacy Practice Division

The Drug Usage and Pharmacy Practice Division aims to provide specialised and generic training in research, opening up a number of different careers paths for those who successfully complete their post graduate degree.

From within the group and the University more widely, you are provided with high quality research facilities, scope for undertaking multidisciplinary and multi-method research, extensive networks and interactions with a range of health professionals and research sites, leading edge research expertise, and good quality mentoring and career development support. 

More than 40 PhD students have successfully undertaken their studies in the pharmacy practice group and many former members have secured academic or senior research appointments in Universities in the UK and abroad.