About us

The Centre for Pharmacy Workforce Studies (CPWS) was established in January 2004 and is part of the Drug Useage and Pharmacy Practice Group in the Division of Pharmacy and Optometry at The University of Manchester. Pharmacists and professional research staff work side by side to develop and undertake research, and to provide workforce data and intelligence.

The Director of CPWS is Professor Ellen Schafheutle, a pharmacist and health services researcher with over 20 years research experience in pharmacy. A number of research and technical support staff work in CPWS, along with several PhD students. Their research experience has been gained in different organisational settings, and they have a wide range of research skills covering qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

Our work is designed to influence policy and practice and to inform the wider debate on employment and the world of professional education and work in pharmacy. We also aim to provide evidence-based consultancy in employment and labour market policy and practice.

 CPWS team
We publish and circulate our work widely. Our research findings appear in scholarly and academic journals, but we also publish accessible reports, bulletins, and newsletters, for policy makers, for pharmacy employers, and for other users interested in work, employment, and pharmacy labour market issues.

What we do

  • We undertake commissioned research
  • We can provide a data analysis service
  • We provide a bespoke research service
  • We can help develop research measurement tools for use in-house
  • We can help network organisations or people interested in the pharmacy workforce

We provide information for three main groups: