Suicide by children and young people

Suicide is a leading cause of death among youths, accounting for more life years lost than traffic accidents. In particular, little is known about suicide among children (i.e. 10-14 years).

Young suicide in the UK general population

  • There are approximately 246 suicide deaths per year among young people 10-19 years of age (a rate of 3.28/100,000 population)1
  • Rates have decreased in recent years
  • Suicide rates are substantially higher among adolescents (15-19 years) compared to children (10-14 years)
  • In the UK, the magnitude of the difference is greatest in the youngest age groups2

Young suicide in the UK mental health patient population

  • There has been a 57% decrease in the number of young (under 25) patients, primarily in the 20-24 age group3
  • However, there are low rates of mental health contact among young people compared to older individuals1, 4
  • Features associated with young suicide include:

o    a primary diagnosis of affective disorder or schizophrenia

o    substance misuse

o    self-harm

o    mental illness history

o    residential instability

  • However, over half of youths were living with parents and one-fifth were in full-time education, suggesting opportunities for intervention 

Lessons for prevention

Suicide prevention in young people is likely to require a multi-agency approach. A particular emphasis should be improving engagement with services, and better management of severe mental illness and behavioural problems1


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