Sudden Unexplained Death by Psychiatric In-patients

What is sudden unexplained death (SUD)?

  • There is no standard definition of SUD. However, it is commonly defined as a death in which a person dies:

o   within 1 hour of symptom onset

o   from an unknown or uncertain cause

o   from a cardiac arrhythmia if there is no identified underlying cause (e.g. myocardial infarction)1 


How often does SUD occur?

  • In England there are approximately 37 per year in England and Wales; 2 the rate is 2.33 per 10,000 mental health admissions (England, 1999-2005)1

What are the characteristics of individuals who die suddenly and unexpectedly?

  • SUD is more common in older patients and males; 25% are under 45 years of age1,2
  • 11% are from an ethnic minority and this does not appear to be changing over time2
  • Factors associated with SUD include:

o    physical illness is associated with an increased risk of SUD (i.e. cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, cerebrovascular disease, epilepsy)1

o    individual and classes of drugs psychotropic drugs (i.e. clozapine, promazine, benzodiazepines)1

o    polypharmacy (i.e. the concurrent exposure of 2 or more antipsychotic drugs); however the number of patients who receive multiple antipsychotics appears to be low1, 2


What is the role of restraint?

  • Data is collected on all post-restraint deaths, irrespective of whether the patient met the criteria for SUD. Approximately 5% of in-patient deaths followed the use of restraint; some of these were also SUD. Less than 5 post-restraint deaths were among individuals from an ethnic minority background 2
  • We do not know whether the use of restraint caused these deaths 1, 2

Lessons for prevention?

  • Good physical health care for mental health in-patients; including good management of cardiac arrest or other collapse (i.e. appropriately trained staff; equipment on site)1
  • Careful prescribing of psychotropic drugs, particularly polypharmacy1


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