Manchester Self-Harm Project (MaSH): Impact

The Manchester Self-Harm Studies have both direct impact on local service provision and risk management, and indirect impact through their influence on national suicide prevention policies.

Risk Management

MaSH findings are presented to the ED Medics in order to help them better assess and manage risk of further self-harm and suicide.

Clinical Governance

MaSH findings are presented to the clinical governance teams in order that they can best assess the service needs of patients who self-harm.

The ReACT Tool

Recently developed the ReACT Tool provides a mechanism which can in conjunction with a psychosocial assessment help to determine which patients are at highest risk.

NICE Guidelines

MaSH findings and data have been used in drawing up the latest NICE Guidelines on the long-term treatment of patients who present to the ED with self-harm.

Service Needs

By considering the variations in self-harm behaviour over longer periods it is possible to predict changes that may be necessary in service provision.