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Estimating treatment effects from observational self-harm data in England: the use of propensity score modelling to measure associations between clinical management in general hospitals and patient outcomes


This project uses two large observational self-harm databases, one of which is the Multicentre Study of Self-Harm in England, to investigate the relationship between how patients are managed in hospital and their future risk of self-harm and suicide. Data are available for around 80,000 hospital episodes of self-harm (which includes self-poisoning, self-cutting and other types of self-injury) by approximately 50,000 patients.

The study will use propensity scores to account for the non-randomisation of treatment allocation; matching patients based on their propensity of receiving treatment will allow comparison of the outcomes of patients who are similar but receive different treatment in hospital.

The project will inform hospital-level service provision for self-harm patients and help clinicians decide the best treatment and management following a hospital presentation.

Duration of the project

November 2013 to October 2016

Funding body

Sarah Steeg is funded by a Doctoral Research Fellowship award from the National Institute for Health Research

Members of the project

Ms Sarah SteegPrincipal investigator
Professor Nav KapurSupervisor
Professor Richard EmsleySupervisor