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Assessment rates and compliance with assertive follow-up after self-harm: cohort study


The objectives of this study were to identify 1) the proportion of self-harm episodes that resulted in assessment by a specialist self-harm team and offers, attendance, and completion of brief therapy and 2) the factors associated with these treatment options. A prospective cohort study of 717 hospital presentations of self-harm was conducted. Rates of assessment, offers and completion of therapy ranged from 50% to 60%. Of those offered therapy, 73% attended one or more sessions. Attendance was associated with depressive psychopathology and existing treatment in primary care. These results may reflect some of the challenges of engaging this patient group. We found that receipt of treatment was determined by patient factors. Future studies might also examine the role of service-related or clinician factors.

Duration of the project

2009 to 2010

Funding body

Manchester University/Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust

Members of the project

Dr Jayne CooperPrincipal investigator
Professor Nav KapurPrincipal investigator