Centre for Suicide Prevention

The Centre for Suicide Prevention is a leading UK centre for research into suicidal behaviour. We embrace two major long-term research programmes - both provide crucial evidence to support service and training improvements that increase patient safety, reduce risk and save lives. 

  • National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Safety in Mental Health
    Collects data on the number, trends and risk factors linked to suicide amongst mental health patients in the UK.
  • Manchester Self-Harm Studies (MaSH)
    Collects psychosocial data and identifies risk factors amongst people who visit emergency departments following self-harm.
  • Suicide in Prisons
    Research examining suicide within the criminal justice system, specifically: numbers, trends and recommendations for suicide prevention in custody

Working together for change

With colleagues at the Universities of Bristol and Oxford, we also jointly lead a National Institute of Health Research funded programme of studies that aim to improve the management of self-harm, reduce the incidence of suicide and provide reliable data to evaluate the impact of the National Suicide Prevention Strategy for England 2002. These studies include:

  • Hospital Management of Self-Harm (Homas2)
    Data collected from 32 hospitals in England will compare the management of self-harm patients and determine which aspects of care affect the risk of repeat self-harm.
  • Contact Information following Self-Harm (CiSH)
    A small clinical trial to assess the feasibility of conducting a large randomised trial on whether ongong minimal contact with the patient in the 12 months following self-harm can help to reduce the risk of early repetition of self-harm.

Help in a crisis

We do not provide treatment or care services. To find out who can offer personal help, advice or counselling, please see Help in a crisis