Centre for Mental Health and Safety: members

NCI = National Confidential Inquiry
MaSH = Manchester Self-Harm Project
CJR = Criminal Justice Research

Name Job title Group Email address
Professor Louis Appleby CBE

Professor of Psychiatry

the Centre for Suicide Prevention

Alison Baird Research Associate NCI alison.baird@manchester.ac.uk
Harriet Bickley Research Associate MaSH harriet.bickley@manchester.ac.uk
James Burns Administrative Assistant NCI james.m.burns@manchester.ac.uk
Dr Matthew Carr Biostatistician   matthew.carr@manchester.ac.uk
Caroline Clements Project Manager MaSH caroline.V.clements@manchester.ac.uk
Huma Daud IT Support Officer NCI huma.daud@manchester.ac.uk
Iain Donaldson Research Secretary MaSH iain.c.donaldson@manchester.ac.uk
Dr Sandra Flynn Research Fellow NCI sandra.m.flynn@manchester.ac.uk
Myrsini Gianatsi Research Assistant NCI myrsini.gianatsi@manchester.ac.uk
Jane Graney Research Nurse NCI jane.graney@manchester.ac.uk
Julie Hall Clerical Assistant NCI julie.hall@manchester.ac.uk
Dr Isabelle Hunt Research Fellow NCI isabelle.m.hunt@manchester.ac.uk
Dr Saied Ibrahim Research Associate NCI saied.a.ibrahim@manchester.ac.uk
Professor Nav Kapur

Professor of Psychiatry and Population Health

Head of Suicide Research, Centre for Mental Health and Safety

Dr Charlotte Lennox Research Associate CJR charlotte.lennox@manchester.ac.uk
Rebecca Lowe Administrative Manager NCI rebecca.lowe@manchester.ac.uk
Dr Pearl Mok Post-Doc Research Associate   pearl.mok@manchester.ac.uk
Leah Quinlivan Research Associate, NIHR Grant MaSH leah.quinlivan@manchester.ac.uk
Carol Rayegan-Tafreshi Centre Administrator and PA to Professors Appleby and Kapur   carol.k.rayegan-tafreshi@manchester.ac.uk
Cathryn Rodway Research Associate NCI cathryn.a.rodway@manchester.ac.uk
Louise Robinson Clinical Research Fellow CJR louise.robinson@manchester.ac.uk
Dr Jane Senior Offender Health Research Network Manager CJR jane.senior@manchester.ac.uk
Professor Jenny Shaw

Professor of Forensic Psychiatry

Head of Homicide Research, Centre for Mental Health and Safety

Sarah Steeg NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow MaSH sarah.steeg@manchester.ac.uk
Caroline Stevenson Research Assistant CJR caroline.stevenson@manchester.ac.uk
Philip Stones Clerical Assistant NCI philip.stones@manchester.ac.uk
Su-Gwan Tham Research Assistant NCI su-gwam.tham@manchester.ac.uk
Dr Pauline Turnbull Project Director NCI


Florian Walter PhD Student   florian.walter@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk
Jackie Ward Clerical Assistant MaSH Jacqueline.ward-2@manchester.ac.uk
Professor Roger Webb Professor   roger.webb@manchester.ac.uk
Naomi Wells Project Secretary   naomi.wells@manchester.ac.uk
Nicola Worthington Clerical Assistant CJR nicola.worthington@manchester.ac.uk

For general enquiries contact:

National Confidential Inquiry

Manchester Self-Harm Project