Undergraduate programmes

We lead and support the Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) programme of the medical undergraduate programme in the Manchester Medical School

We teach biostatistics modules within the undergraduate programme in the School of Mathematics

Postgraduate programmes

We provide a vibrant PhD training programme in biostatistics that will be supported by the development a Biostatistics (MSc) (led by the Centre for Biostatistics). This will compete with the best courses elsewhere, encourage the most promising young statisticians to undertake post-graduate research at Manchester, and provide methodological training for PhD students and young research workers as part of their academic and professional development. 

We additionally contribute to the development and implementation of the statistical components of the:

Training and advice for potential grant applications (including help in building research teams by finding possible collaborating methodologists) is provided through the Manchester Hub of the region’s NIHR Research Design Service (RDS) led from within the Centre.

Outreach workshops

The Centre has also initiated a series of 'outreach' workshops focussing on specialised methodologies applicable to the development of the Faculty’s cross-cutting themes (such as personalised or stratified medicine). The Centre will pursue the possibilities for the provision of applied biostatistics training via University College for Interdisciplinary Learning, including the development of easily accessible relevant web-based materials