This page contains links to examples used in our methodological research for which the data is freely available to download.

  • ODIN (Outcome of Depression International Network Study)
  • SoCRATES (Study of Cognitive Re-Alignment Therapy in Early Schizophrenia)

PROSPECT -(Prevention of Suicide in Primary Care Elderly: Collaborative Trial)

The PROSPECT trial was a multi-site prospective, randomised trial designed to evaluate the impact of a primary care-based intervention on reducing major risk factors (including depression) for suicide in later life.  The trial was conducted by a team of researchers in the USA. 

Data from this trial are available on the Biometrics journal website as supplementary material to the paper:

  • Ten Have TR, Joffe MM, Lynch KG, Brown GK, Maisto SA, Beck AT. Causal mediation analyses with rank preserving models. Biometrics, 2007, 63(3), pp926–34.
  • This dataset was also analysed in the article by Emsley, White and Dunn (Stats Methods in Medical Research, 2010, 19(3), pp.237-270), thanks to the kind permission of Professor Thomas Ten Have. 
  • Appendix 1 from this article contains Stata and Mplus code which analyse this data using instrumental variables and principal stratification.