Biostatistics Collaboration Unit


The Biostatistics Collaboration Unit (BCU) has been launched by the Centre for Biostatistics within the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health to provide statistical expertise for grant-funded research.


What is the Biostatistics Collaboration Unit?

Investigators can now apply for part-time and temporary statistical input on grants as required.  For example, a typical working model is that a prospective clinical study averages 0.33 FTE of statistical time throughout its course.  Data-intensive studies, such as those using routine data sources, often require full-time statistical input.


How does the Biostatistics Collaboration Unit work?

Grant applicants agree with a senior statistician, usually a co-applicant, the requirement for statistical input on their project.  When the grant is awarded the BCU identifies or appoints a research assistant, associate or fellow to be available and committed to the project at the required times.

If investigators have grants requiring full time statistical input, the appointee can join the BCU administratively but co-locate with the research team.  This ensures research team membership for the statistician whilst avoiding professional isolation.


What does the Biostatistics Collaboration Unit offer?

  • statistical work to be undertaken by professional statisticians

  • reassurance for funders that data will be handled correctly

  • higher quality publications more likely to be rated 3* or 4*

  • full recovery of costs

  • appointment to part-time, temporary posts

  • attraction and retention of higher quality staff

  • career progression and professional support for staff

  • cover for prolonged absences