Our services

We provide:

  1. Three state-of-the-art microscopes:

    • Bruker Multimode 8
    • Bruker Catalyst (mounted on a Nikon Eclipse Ti inverted light microscope)
    • Asylum Instruments/Oxford Instruments MFP3D

Atomic Force Microscope's (AFM) are supported by a service contract to minimise instrument downtime

  1. A comprehensive service including advice on sample preparation, experimental design and assistance with data analysis
  2. Full training and support provided by experienced staff

Data acquired in the BioAFM Facility regularly features in papers in high-impact publications.

For examples of specimens imaged by the BioAFM Facility please see our gallery.

The facility is primarily used for the imaging of soft (especially biological) material. However, the facility staff are happy to discuss individual requirements for all sample types. For further information on the service we provide, including current charging policies, please refer to our contact details.