About us

The BioAFM Facility is housed in the Centre For Tissue Injury and Repair (Institute of Inflammation and Repair) at The University of Manchester, and is jointly supported by the Faculties of Medical and Human Sciences (FMHS) and Life Sciences (FLS).

The Facility was established in 2009 to offer Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) imaging and micro/nano-mechanical characterisation capabilities to The University of Manchester and the wider scientific community.

AFM is one of a family of techniques which employ a sharp tip to investigate interactions at a sample surface. In the case of AFM imaging, the tip is mounted on a flexible cantilever and deflection of this cantilever, as it is scanned across a specimen, can be used to build a topographical image of its surface.

AFM offers:

  • High (sub-nm) resolution
  • Non-destructive imaging with a high signal to noise ratio
  • Rapid sample preparation
  • Cost effective, quantitative data acquisition
  • Imaging of hydrated samples

In addition, atomic force microscopes are rapidly becoming important tools for the acquisition of nano-mechanical data.