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PRIMER resources

The PRIMER group, in collaboration with researchers at the Centre, have developed resources to support the public to get involved in primary care research, but they may be useful in other contexts too!

We firmly believe that it's better to share than to reinvent the wheel so if you are interested in using or adapting these resources please get in touch by clicking on the links! 

Developing a Public Involvement strategy

A strategy planning tool to help researchers and members of the public develop a comprehensive strategy for involving the public in research

Involving the public in promoting a research study and sharing the findings of research

An engagement planning tool to help support the involvement of the public in promoting research and sharing research findings

Research tool kit

An interactive activity to help researchers and the public work colllaboratively to turn ideas into early stage research proposals

Patient and public involvement group meeting resources

A form for getting to know more about a member of the public who is interested in joining an advisory group

A role description for anyone interested in joining PRIMER

The PRIMER Terms of Reference outline what to expect and ground rules for working

Guidance for researchers presenting a research proposal at a PRIMER meeting

Writing a Plain Language Summary

Guidance on writing a Plain Language Summary

A template for writing a Plain Language Summary


Other resources recommended by PRIMER

Tracking expenses

Expenses Log - for tracking fees, reimbursements etc.

PPI approaches in primary care research

Case studies describing different approaches used to involve the public in shaping primary care research

Feeding back information after a study ends

Health Research Authority guidance on providing information to participants at the end of a research study

Here is an example of an end of study information sheet developed by Abi Methley in conjunction with a PRIMER member.