Research User Group (RUG)

The Centre for Musculoskeletal Research (CfMR) User Group (RUG) is a group of lay individuals who have an active interest in musculoskeletal health, either living with a musculoskeletal condition themselves or caring for someone who does.

Its main purpose is to assist the CfMR in all aspects of research.

The group currently comprises of 11 members with a range of musculoskeletal conditions including RA/JIA/SLE/OP/PsA and they meet every three months at the Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility.

A definition of a ‘user’ is someone who uses a service. The service is the NHS, and users are patients (and potential patients), partners/carers and organisations that represent users. Users are required to take a broad view of the topic areas and research methods.

If you would like further information about the RUG, please contact us (

View video: Imaging inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis (via YouTube)
Dr Sarah Skeoch and Susan Moore, a RUG group member, talk about new research on inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis