Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPI/PPE)

The Centre for Musculoskeletal Research (CfMR) has an excellent track record in Patient / Public Engagement (PPE) and Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) activities with a well established patient representative group (RUG) who regularly provide feedback on research applications and ideas.

Our strategy for involvement and engagement is strongly linked with the NIHR Manchester Musculoskeletal BRU "Strategy and action plan for engaging and involving with patients / public" (2014).

Lay summaries of the latest results from our current research studies can be found in our Musculoskeletal Research Findings blog. 

Prof Will Dixon has also produced a short video where he explains how electronic medical records may be used by researchers to understand important health questions. ( 

At a recent workshop 30 members of the public were asked to give feedback on a prototype of an electronic 'dynamic consent' system for tablet devices, which has been developed by Prof Dixon and colleagues at the Health e-Research Centre (HERC). The findings from the workshop are currently feeding into a proposal for further research into developing and implementing a dynamic consent system for use in clinical settings.  The plans include a co-design approach with patients and carers to make the system more user-friendly and provide appropriate information in suitable formats. A full report of the workshop is available here.

Other recent events include a 'Platform for Investigation' at the Museum of Science and Industry, to increase awareness about arthritis and enthuse children about the science behind arthritis research within Greater Manchester. More than 800 visitors, guided by our team of 30 staff and students, were able to explore the world of joints and genes through a range of fun activities. A report from the day is available here.