Audiology and deafness: research group members

Name Job title
Richard Baker Reader Audiology (Teaching focus)
Siobhan Brennan Lecturer in Audiology
Deborah Cane Lecturer in Audiology
Helen Chilton Senior Lecturer in Deaf Education
Sam Couth Lecturer in Audiology
Alice Crutchely Assistant Technician
Piers Dawes Honorary Senior Lecturer
Harvey Dillon Professor of Auditory Science
Alison Edwards Lecturer in Audiology
Helen Glyde MSc Programme Director
Bridget Goodier Senior Lecturer in Audiology
Hannah Guest Research Associate
Antje Heinrich Senior Lecturer in Audiology/Hearing Science
Iain Jackson Research Associate
Lindsey Jones Lecturer in Deaf Education
Ciara Kelly Research Associate
Karolina Kluk Senior Lecturer in Audiology
Jenna Littlejohn Research Associate
Wendy Lamb Administrator & PA
Melanie Lough Research Audiologist
Ciaran McCracken Teaching Technician (Audiology)
Wendy McCracken Honorary Professor in the Education of the Deaf
Connie Mayer Honorary Professor in the Education of the Deaf
Rebecca Millman Lecturer in Audiology
Dave Moore Professor of Auditory Neuroscience
Cynthia Morton Chair in Auditory Genetics
Kevin Munro  Ewing Professor of Audiology
Emanuele Perugia Research Associate
Chris Plack Ellis Llwyd Jones Chair in Audiology
Garreth Prendergast  Lecturer in Audiology/Hearing Sciences
Gaby Saunders Senior Research Fellow
Josef Schlittenlacher Lecturer in Audiology/Hearing Sciences
Andrea Short Post Doctoral Research Associate
Michael Stone Senior Research Fellow in Audiology/Hearing Sciences
Kai Uus Reader in Audiology
Anisa Visram Honorary Research Fellow
Helen Whiston Research Audiologist
Keith Wilbraham Experimental Officer
Tim Wilding Lecturer in Audiology (teaching focused)
Cath Wright HH Theme Programme Manager