SEQaBOO Manchester

What is SEQaBOO Manchester?

SEQaBOO Manchester (SEQuencing a Baby for an Optimal Outcome) is a study that will help us to understand how genomic information could improve the current care and management programme of newborn babies with hearing loss. 

It is part of a larger study that is based in Boston (

What are the aims of SEQaBOO Manchester?

There are three main aims:

  1. To survey parents of newborns who do not pass hearing screening for initial and evolving attitudes, knowledge and understanding of genomic medicine.

  2. To perform genome sequencing (GS) and identify genetic mutations in hearing loss genes in newborns who have a confirmed hearing loss.

  3. To investigate how genomic sequencing results, alongside standard of care management for newborns with hearing loss, can have a clinical impact through annual surveys that will explore general health, speech and language development.

How will SEQaBOO Manchester achieve the aims?

Who can take part in SEQaBOO Manchester?

Families (ideally trios:  Mother, Father and Baby) who are referred from the national newborn hearing screening programme for follow up audiology testing at participating Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) hospitals.

There are two groups of eligible families:

  • Group 1: families whose baby is confirmed with hearing loss (at approximately one month of age)

  • Group 2: families whose baby passes the audiology testing.

Which MFT Hospitals are taking part in SEQaBOO Manchester?

Four Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) hospitals are taking part in SEQaBOO Manchester:  

  • Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital,

  • Trafford General Hospital,

  • Altrincham General Hospital

  • Withington Community Hospital.

Where can I get more information?

SEQaBOO Manchester study contact: , Tel: 0161 275 8565


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Childhood hearing tests:

General support for children with hearing loss:

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