Our objectives

The FungiBrain training network brings together state-of-the-art expertise in fungal biology from across eight European Universities and Research Institutes, and three leading Industrial Partners.

The FungiBrain project integrates genetic, biochemical, biophysical, cell biology and systems biology approaches to define common patterns of signal integration that regulate fungal cell growth and tropisms.

FungiBrain has four overarching objectives:

  1. Establish a detailed understanding of conserved fungal signalling networks that regulate polarized and directed fungal cell growth in a wide range of fungal models and pathogens
  2. Identify novel conserved targets for antifungal drug discovery in these signalling networks
  3. Develop novel high throughput, live-cell fungal tropism screens of mutant and chemical libraries
  4. Develop an outstanding interdisciplinary Training Programme on analyzing, manipulating and inhibiting the polarized growth and tropisms of fungi