FungiBrain Training Schedule

Date Event * Organizer
June 10th-14th 2014

Workshop I : Fungal Genetics and Biology

J. Wendland, Carlsberg Laboratory, Copenhagen
May 6th-14th 2015

Workshop II : Microfabrication for Microbiology

Summer School II : Phospholipid Signalling and Imaging

Workshop III : Scientific Writing I

Intensive Course : Industrial Agricultural and Fungicide Research

N. Minc, Institut Jaques Monrod, Paris

R. Arkowitz and M. Bassilana, CNRS, Nice

P Follette, CNRS, Nice

M. Busch and P. Perret, Bayer SAS, Lyon

Oct. 19th-23rd 2015 Summer  School I : Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry G. Braus, University Göttingen
April 25th to May 5th 2016

Summer School III : Calcium Signalling and Live Cell Imaging

Workshop IV : Scientific Writing II

Workshop IX : Antifungal Discovery and Company Start-Up

N. Read, University of Manchester

P. Follette, CNRS, hosted @ University of Manchester

J. Oliver, F2G, Manchester

Sept. 12th-15th 2016

Workshop V : Systems Biology of Fungi

Workshop VII : Medical Mycology

Workshop V III : Grant Writing Skills

Invited workshop hosted @ University of Aberdeen

N. Gow and A. Brand, University of Aberdeen

N. Gow and A. Brand, University of Aberdeen

Jan. 2017 Workshop VI : Chemical Genetics A. Fleissner, University of Braunschweig
Sept. 2017 Network Scientific Conference : "Signal Responses & Tropisms" A. Di Pietro, University of Cordoba

* Our training courses and workshops are also open to non-FungiBrain researchers. If you wish to attend, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss availability.

Training in 2014

Workshop I : Fungal Genetics and Biology, 10th to 14th June 2014

In attendance : Mariana Almeida, Hugo Amodeo Machi, Valeria Davi, Saskia Du Pre, Pavlos Geranios, Patricia Hernandez Ortiz, Klara Junker, Cassandre Kinnaer, Tania Fernandes, Patricia Silva, Antonio Serrano and Stefania Vitale.

The very first FungiBrain training event took place in June 10th to 14th 2014, at the Carlsberg Laboratory, Copenhagen Denmark.  This was the first oppurtunity for all the appointed fellows to meet and network, whilst also participating in their first training experience of the network.  Across the four days the fellows had a series of lectures on Fungal Genetics and Biology, as well as gaining hands on techinal experience of Yeast fermantation and transformation techniques and microscopy. The fellows also spent time brainstorming idea's for a FungiBrain logo and social outreach activities.  Great thanks goes to all the hard work put in by Juergen Wendland and his team for hosting and organising this training event. So far the feedback from the fellows has been excellent and they are all ready to put into practise their new found skills. Thank you!

*Fellows please note that all training material associated with this course can be found on the FungiBrain Fellows folder.

Training in 2015

May 2015, France.

Workshop II : Microfabrication for Microbiology, 4th to 7th May 2015

It was held in Paris at the Institut Jaques Monrod, CNRS, Paris, France.  Many thanks to Nicolas and Valeria for hosting and providing an excellent workshop.

Summer School II: Phospholipid Signalling and Imaging, 8th to 13th May 2015

This summer school was held at the CNRS institute, University of Nice-Sophia. This course started with a one-day guided visit of the Bayer CropScience Research Campus in Lyon and included the Intensive Course on Industrial agricultural and fungicide research (7th May 2015).

Workshop III: Scientific Writing Part I, 11th to 13th May 2015

Co-inciding with the Summer school I, Peter Follette of University of Nice-Sophia, France, taught a classroom based workshop on Scientific writing taylored to non-native speakers of english.


October 2015, Germany.

Summer School I: Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry, 19th to 23rd Oct 2015

This Summer School was held at the University of Gottingen, and University of Jena, Germany and was held in conjunction with the Marie Curie ITN QuantFung. 


Training in 2016

April/May 2016, Manchester, UK.

Workshop IV : Scientific Writing Part II, 25th to 28th April 2016

Great thanks to Peter Follette for taking the time to travel to The University of Manchester to complete his teaching of the Scientific writing skills workshop.  Part II of this workshop focused on presentation skills, and a peer review of the distance learning aspect of this course.

Summer School III : Calcium Signalling and Live Cell Imaging, 29th April to 3rd May 2016

This training event on Live-Cell imaging was hosted by Professor Nick Read's group at the University of Manchester, Manchester, UK.  The training combined lectures, real-time laboratory demonstrations of live-cell imaging techniques, and classroom based workshops on image processing and analysis, and statistics.  In addition students were provided with careers guidance and a 'CV Clinic: Showcasing your achievements so you secure the career you want', Facilitated by Dr Rachel Cowen, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Academic and Researcher Development, University of Manchester.

Workshop IX : Antifungal Discovery and Company Start-Up. 4th to 6th May 2016

This workshop hosted by Jason Oliver at our industrial partners F2G Ltd. in Eccles, Manchester, UK anc combined lectures and laboratory sessions to provided an insight into the mechanisms and appications of industrial anti-fungal drug discovery.  Furthermore students attended a half day session of tours and careers talks at the BioHub, Alderly Edge, Cheshire, UK.  This former Astra-Zeneca research site has been transformed into a science start-up facilitator and company incubator. 

September, Aberdeen, UK.

Workshop V : Systems Biology of Fungi

Workshop VII : Medical Mycology

Workshop VIII : Grant Writing Skills


Upcoming training events

Workshop VI : Chemical Genetics : May 2017

This training event is to be held in early May 2017 and hosted by Andre Fleissner (Partner 7) in Braunschweig, Germany.  More details to follow.

Network Scientific Conference : 'Signal Response and Tropisms'.

This conference is to be held 14th to 15th September 2017.  More details to follow.