FungiBrain Network Meetings

Date Meeting Host/Venue
Nov. 19th 2013 Kick-off Meeting N. Read / University of Manchester
Sept. 19th 2014 Network Meeting 2 J. Pérez Martín / CSIC, Salamanca
May. 15th 2015 Network Meeting 3 R. Arkowitz and M. Bassilana / CNRS, Nice
Oct. 16th 2015 Mid Term Review Meeting G. Braus / University Göttingen
Sept. 16th 2016 Network Meeting 4 A. Brand and N. Gow / University of Aberdeen
Sept. 2017 Final Meeting A. Di Pietro / University of Cordoba


Mid-Term Review Meeting : October 16th 2015, Gottingen, Germany.

The last FungiBrain meeting was our Mid-Term Review meeting at which our EU Project Officer and an Expert External Reviewer attended.  This meeting focused on several aspects of the Network: 1) Scientific achievements, 2) Networking, 3) Training, and 4) Management. Fellows gave a short presentation about themselves, background, training experiences, objectives and methodologies of their projects, expectations and future careers, with time to present their scientific work through a poster session during the meeting.


FungiBrain stall at the Science Spectacular as part of the Manchester Science Festival 2015.

Our FungiBrain Fellows at The University of Manchester and F2G presented to the general public the Amazing MicroWorld of Fungi on Saturday 31st October 2015, from 11.00am to 4.00pm at the Whitworth Hall, during the Science Spectacular as part of the Manchester Science Festival.